Today’s Health Care Environment is focused on providing high quality/cost effective care. In order to determine the most effective means of treatment, the results of treatment methods must be tracked and compared. Several factors must be considered if the health care delivery system is to find the proper balance between the high level of quality health care Americans have long enjoyed and the cost effectiveness that they desire. Outcome Assessment Studies allow for the tracking, analysis and comparison of various treatment methods and for the evaluation of new technologies.

These studies evaluate:

  • Costs – All related cost factors (hospitalization, rehab, time away from work, etc.)
  • Patient Health Status – Patient’s perception of their health
  • Patient Satisfaction – Patient’s satisfaction with the care as compared to their expectations
  • Clinical Results – Physician’s report of health based on clinical evaluations

The data derived from outcomes assessment systems are useful for many reasons:

  • Physicians use outcomes assessment data to determine the most effective methods of treatment for various conditions.
  • This information is also used to educate patients, like yourself, as to the results that are commonly expected from different methods of care and to assist patients in making more informed decisions (with their families, physicians, etc.) about the best means of treatment for themselves.
  • Insurance companies look to this information to determine which treatment methods will be covered within their health care plans.

During the course of your treatment you may be asked to participate in an Outcomes Assessment Study. Your participation in a study will help provide the information required to continually improve treatment methods and ultimately, the entire health care system. If requested, your participation will be greatly appreciated.